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    Designer Resume_設計師英文簡歷

    • 時間:2022-06-16
    • 來源: www.letoprotocol.com
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    Designer Resume_設計師英文簡歷是由個人簡歷模板網為你提供的一份適合個人求職的簡歷,可直接使用或根據實際情況進行修改。祝您職場順利,早日找到稱心如意的工作!

    (+86) 123-456-789
    Objective: Designer
    Thinks creatively - developing, designing, creating, including artistic contributions
    Photoshop    ImageReady    CSS, HTML, XHTML
    Illustrator  Flash         Microsoft Office
    InDesign     Dreamweaver
    Freelance Design   

    January 2013 - Present  London, UK
    ?Designed look and feel for German Ariel Actilift product website
    ?Provided design support for PGA European Tour pitch work
    ?Developed mock site for usability testing for Shell dotcom 
    Freelance Web Design 
    September 2012 - Present Chicago, IL
    ?Organised and created exhibitionarchivesite for Columbia College’s [C]Spaces
    ?Contributed to detaildesign of Columbia College’s Student Organisationsites 
    Intern (Design /Creative) - Digitas London 
    February - August 2012 London, UK
    ?Designer on2 website redesigns forlargeUK companies (HomeServe, GAME.co.uk)
    ?Provided seniordesigners and artdirectors withdesignsupportand concepting
    ?Collaborated ona varietyof clients (Ericsson, Lloyds TSB, Delta, Nakheel.com)
    ?Attended client meetings whileserving theroleof a junior designer 
    Media/PrintTechnician - Columbia CollegeChicago  
    September 2010 - December 2011 Chicago, IL
    ?Responsibleforcreating media assets forthedepartment
    ?Assisting inthe general operations of theopenstudios 
    Marketing Assistant - KalamazooInstitute of Arts 
    May - August 2009 Kalamazoo, MI
    ?Created promotionalpieces fortheDaleChihuly’s Chihuly in Kalamazoo exhibit 
    ?Helped develop promotionalplans and pieces forchildren’s exhibits 
    Columbia College Chicago Bachelorof Arts Degree - First Class  
    Major: InteractiveArts & Media / Minor: Marketing 
    GPA 3.9/4.0 - Dean's List 6consecutivesemesters (award for highacademic achievement)
    2012  -“Complexity of Time” The Project Rm, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago,IL
    2011  -"Student Showcase" F.U.E.L. Gallery, International Digital Media & Arts Association Conference, Philadelphia, PA
    "Transition2.7" HokinGallery, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL
    2010  -"I Heart Technology" Raw Space, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL
    "New Americana" HokinAnnex, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL

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