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    purchaser resume_采購員英文簡歷

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    Music Marketing Resume_音樂營銷英文簡歷是由個人簡歷模板網為你提供的一份適合個人求職的簡歷,可直接使用或根據實際情況進行修改。祝您職場順利,早日找到稱心如意的工作!

    Name:Miss. Peggy You
    Nationality:China (Mainland)
    Current Place:Foshan
    Height/Weight:164 cm 46 kg
    Marital Status:Single
    Age:31 years
    Career Objective
    Application type: Jobseeker
    Preferred job title:Purchasing: Purchaser 
    Working life: 5Title:Middle title
    Job type:Full time   Expected Start date: In a day
    Expected salary: Preferred     working place:Foshan
    Work experience
    Company"s name:****CO., Limited    Begin and end date: 2011-01-2012-12
    Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Trading/Imports & Exports
    Job Title:Purchaser 
    Job description: Responsible for sourcing new factories, and follow up order for South America head office,Mainly product is electrical home appliances and houseware.
    1, Vendor discovery, qualification, Quality Assurance. Program and Product transitions from one vendor to another;
    2. New product development. Engage in the New Product Guide (NPG). Clarify requirements for factories regarding tooling, sampling and packaging
    3. Assist in the cost negotiations and terms for new products.
    4, Familiar with the product market information, tracking the market changes, reduce procurement cost, to ensure optimal cost;
    5, Recommend new products to head office;
    6. follow up order tightly to reduce problems,and ensure delivery on time. 
    Reasons for leaving:  
    Company"s name: ****CO., Limited    Begin and end date: 2009-09-2010-09
    Enterprise nature: Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Mechanics/Electrical Equipment/Heavy Industry
    Job Title:Purchaser 
    Job description: Responsible for spare parts procurement in the country and abroad.Focused on supplier management. 
    1. Check the supplier product quality, supply capacity, quality assurance capabilities, corporate reputation, on the basis of the company"s existing suppliers, constantly looking for new suppliers to ensure supply resource rich and wide choice. 
    2, organize the procurement work in accordance with the requirements of the quality and quantity, make sure every detail of contract is being executed.
    3, To purchase in a right time, right quantity according to the order,follow the order, ensure delivery on time,same quantity, good quality.
    4. Responsible for inquiry, compare prices, negotiation, and report to manager the relevant information
    5. the market information collection, collation and timely reporting, in order to adjust the procurement strategy;
    6 Deal with processing returns, replacement, compensation matters, to ensure that the interests of the company; 
    Reasons for leaving:  
    Company"s name: ****CO., Limited    Begin and end date: 2006-11-2009-09
    Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Mechanics/Electrical Equipment/Heavy Industry
    Job Title:Procurement Commissioner/Assistant 
    Job description: Responsibilities: focus on sourcing and purchase non Production materials , including hardware, tools, electrical components, accessories and other Piecemeal procurement, follow-up machine maintenance, take charge of Outside processing and so on. 
    1 supplier development and management,
    2 place order and follow up,
    3 compare & negotiate purchase price,
    4 confirm and follow up materials delivery time 
    5 discuss and solve the incoming material problem with quality Dep., 
    Reasons for leaving:  
    Company"s name: ****CO., Limited    Begin and end date: 2003-01-2007-01
    Enterprise nature:Share-holding enterprisesIndustry: Hotel/Traveling
    Job Title: Part time Cicerone 
    Job description: Take charge of carrying out travel plan,harmonize & leading the tour party,solve all kinds problems happened in the tour.
    This experience makes me learned how to cooperate with different people,like restaurant, hotel, destination cicerone, airline company, ship company, etc.,to make the travel safe and no problem ,to make my client happy. And i think more important is i learned how to plan everything well to kill problem, how to solve problems in different ways, and calm down quickly even i meet things urgent or suddenly turn up 
    Reasons for leaving:  
    Educational Background
    Name of School: Foshan university
    Highest Degree: Bachelor Date of Graduation: 2006-07-01
    Name of Major 1: Tourism management Name of Major 2:  
    Education experience:
    Start date End date Education organization Majors Certificate Certificate No
    2008-06 2008-06 Shenzhen Times Firmlead Consulting Corporation Show you how to be a good purchaser
    Language Ability
    Foreign Language: English Level: excellent
    Language ability: CET-4
    Chinese level:excellent Cantonese Level: perfect
    Relevant skills and abilities
      Schcool psychological consultation assistant: I have attended several management psychology courses in school elective course,via training,learned one set of Advantage-guided Thought,and then succeeded turned into a schcool psychological consultation assistant.
    In school association i have taken charge of management duty,participated in and masterminded several big activitys in school.
    Self-recommendation letter
      Good communication skills, strong ability in sourcing and problem-solving, flexibility and cooperative. 
    1.Years experience of purchasing work in MultiNational factory, familiar with how factory runs, manufactory process,quality management. Makes me have better understanding and communication in the purchase work.
    2.Good at communication and settle different issues. 
    3.I am an active Learning person. Trust solution to the problem always more than problems.

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