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    • 時間:2022-06-07
    • 來源: www.letoprotocol.com
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    Dear sir/madame,
      Your advertisement for a network foreign trade business on november interested me.Because the position you described sounds pretty good like a kind of job i'm seeking.
      I've ever worked on the foreign trade business in shenzhen for two years.On the one hand i was tracking the goods which were exported abroad,on the other hand i was developing the foreign customer.And also i'm a vice president's assistant.
      I was responsible for the main business in this company,such as automobile parts,arranging the meeting,translation the english documents and so on.I'm able to communicate with foreign customer by phone,emial,face to face.My english is pretty good.
      I looking forward to have a chance to attend you for an interview.
      Enclose is my resume,if you have any additional information,please contact me freely.
      Thanks and best regards.
      Yours faithfully.

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