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    • 時間:2022-06-16
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      dear school leadership:

      hello! first of all, thank you for your busy schedule to visit my cover letter.

      i am a child longchang normal school graduates of the school with respect and longing, i wrote a letter sincerelycover letterto show you a completely true and self-confidence, i hope your school will accept me to be a a member of.

      i worship from a young age teachers is very professional, with age, awareness-raising, i had to do a good germination of the people's teacher. experienced kindergarten teachers for three years of life, in the face of new opportunities and challenges, i am more determined self-confidence, self-reliance, diligence, modesty credo in life.

      i very much treasure the time in school learning, and continuously improve all aspects of ourselves, of each school year, the results are good subjects to complete the study, but also have a certain amount of language listening, speaking, reading and writing ability to good teachers the quality of voice has a good look, natural, generous, teaching attitude and be good at innovation in teaching, in the after-school time i read a lot of books, some of the specialized practice, i believe pays off, as long as their efforts , it will be harvested!

      entered china in the 21st century, competition will become more and more intense, a large number of talents to the needs of teachers faced with serious challenges, as a young man who, i hope to become teachers in their own front of a new life, are more willing to all contributions in the field of education "sea diving with the width, height days", i believe that the older generation of teachers to encourage and help in their own hard work and efforts, perhaps i would not necessarily be the best , but i will certainly be the most effort.

      although we never met, but you believe that your choice wrong, i hope your school can give me an opportunity to demonstrate self, let me become a member of your school.

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